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Documentary 2021
Written and directed by Anjan Di Leonardo

and Greta Agresti.

The documentary was presented at the Rome Film Festival 2021.


The economic crisis, caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, has most affected some sectors such as culture, entertainment and catering. “Workers” tells the stories of four workers who saw their business threatened by the crisis, in a Rome that reveals its unconventional side.

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Short film 2020
Written and directed by Anjan Di Leonardo.

Produced during the lockdown in April 2020. Purchased by Rai Cinema. 

A man lives with his dog during the coronavirus lockdown.

He works with video editing and has a passion for music.

He observes the world around him and ruminates on a relationship with a woman he just ended and what his future will be.

Short film 2018
Written by Greta Agresti and directed by Anjan Di Leonardo.


In a small country town a young mother and her son are hiding from their past and trying to get lost in the present. Perla and Andrea's daily life unfolds to the rhythm of hasty desperation and an underlying mute sense of mutual incomprehension. Perla works as a domestic worker for Joelle, who is confined to a wheelchair. They both feel alone and out of place and long for change to come one day, devastating, unannounced and unexpected.

MAMY poster.jpg

Short film 2017
Written and directed by Anjan Di Leonardo.


A young woman is held captive by a man in the basement of his house. 

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