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"What's missing next" by Anjan Di Leonardo - feature film 

Based on a true story, the film narrates the life of two brothers, Fabio and Piero, in an underground Rome with a background of punk music among fragile, but cumbersome, family relationships.
After the tragic death of Fabio, his brother Piero tries not to succumb to his absence, reliving the past to
find the strength to look to the future. 

In the process of seeking funding and an international co-production.

"4free" by Greta Agresti - short film

"Freedom is one of the most precious gifts from heaven granted to men: all the treasures that are found on earth or that are covered by the sea cannot be equaled: and for freedom, as for honor, one can venture life, when on the contrary slavery is the worst evil that can happen to men." Don chisciotte.


"Elezier and Efron" by Vittorio Antonacci - short film


Two servants dealing with an inappetite donkey accompany their master Abraham and his son Isaac towards the mountain of sacrifices, but this time the victim will not be the usual lamb. God is silent, but Elezier and Efron will listen to the voice of their conscience.

"Matthew"  by Anjan Di Leonardo - short film

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